Onsite Backup


Most people have onsite backup solutions, but what happens if that backup solution isn't protected to the elements? We only offer the best, thats why we use ioSafe as our onsite backup solutions.


About ioSafe


ioSafe is the technology leader of disaster proof hardware. Since 2005, our patented technology provides unparalleled physical security protection against fire, flood and theft for thousands of homes and businesses. Like an aircraft black box, ioSafe adds physical security and protection to irreplaceable data.

Encryption and network security are often used to protect data. Wildfires and hurricanes care little about whether the data is encrypted. Firefighters won't ask your permission before hosing down your entire computer system. Any offsite vaulting strategy will have vulnerability for the most important data in your business - the data you just created - not the data from last week. Backing up even one terabyte of data to the cloud could take up to 10 months with the typical business or home connection.

Physical security of data is often overlooked. Nearly every business, large or small has vulnerabilities. ioSafe specializes in hardware to help protect vulnerable data wherever it may reside. Designed to be bolted to the floor, survive building collapse or padlocked to anything immovable, our steel outer casings combined with fire and flood protection are designed to provide the ultimate physical security for external data storage.


Protect the data that drives your business

Lost data means lost business. Fireproof and waterproof storage solutions from ioSafe enable you to reduce risk by securing your mission-critical data against loss due to disasters.

ioSafe external hard drives provide industry-leading security from physical threats, ensuring that your data will never be lost - no matter what happens. Providing better backup and restore times than either online or tape-based solutions, ioSafe drives enable you to ensure that your data is protected in the shortest possible time and can be restored in the shortest possible time. With plug-and-play simplicity and a range of connectivity options, ioSafe drives can be deployed in any environment in a matter of minutes.

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Your home digital life needs a safety net

Everyday we trust our priceless and irreplaceable digital lives - our photos, videos, media, and financial records - to our computer hard drives - and don't think twice. But storing our data in one place renders us completely helpless against threats such as viruses, accidental deletion, hardware failures, fires, and floods. We need a safety net. We need a backup plan.

That's why we create the safest, most advanced fireproof / waterproof hard drives in the world.

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