Secure Cloud Backup

We are here to provide a simple UNLIMITED Cloud Backup solution for our customers.
We also set the backup for you and then you can forget about it.
The security of our backups are HIPAA compliant and Secure Accounting information compliant. SAS 70 Type II certified.



Our software will backup any Linux / Windows Laptop, Workstation or Server.

Simple, easy to use interface. All backup files are safely encrypted. Continuous backups, no loss of data



Your files are constantly monitored for changes . When our software sees a changed file, it takes a snapshot of it. This is done efficiently using an advanced system which means that only the changes within a file are saved. The technical term for this process is Binary Incremental Backup. For example, if you add a few paragraphs to a large Word document and save, only those changes are saved.


Disaster Recovery

The whole purpose of cloud backups is to protect your files in the event of a catastrophe such as fire, flood, hardware failure or theft. If you do have this happen, restoring files from our cloud is really straight forward.

Meet your recovery time and recovery point objectives:
• Manage risk by facilitating continuity of operations during outages—to protect data, applications and systems
• Estimate predictable operating costs while mitigating financial losses due to disruptions
• Address IT infrastructure complexity and compliance through flexible, scalable solutions
Improving business resiliency and continuity is a top priority, but you can’t afford to increase capital expenditures or complexity. You need cost-effective, managed continuity services that can help reduce business disruptions.


Technical data about encryption

For the techies out there, here is a summary of the encryption systems used by our cloud backup:

  • AES-448-bit Blowfish encryption for file data. AES is certified by the US government for use with classified information.
  • Separate AES keys are used for file contents and filenames.
  • RSA-2048 Public Keys for authentication - the same technology used by SSL on websites.
  • SSL (TLS) encryption between client and backup servers.



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